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Stamping and Textile Sublimation
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Textile Stamping


A Jocolor foca-se nos serviços de produção e comercialização de estamparia à peça, tendo uma das maiores capacidades produtivas a nível nacional, com números na ordem das 24 milhões de peças.


A capacidade produtiva da Jocolor atinge as 16 cores e é direccionada para clientes nacionais e internacionais, sendo pautada pelos mais elevados níveis de qualidade.

Sublimation Textile


Jocolor Sublimation specializes in continuous and localized textile sublimation solutions. The Trinómio quality, speed and versatility is achieved through demanding productive processes and quality control.


Alongside the latest generation of sublimation machines, Jocolor has color profile software, making the most of the color spectrum of each textile.

Production Capacity

Jocolor has a large production capacity with values in the order of 200 000 pieces per day in Estamparia and 10 000 meters per day in Sublimation.

Innovative Technology

We employ the best and most advanced technology on the market to achieve unparalleled results for our customers.

Execution Timeframes

We use continuous quality control to ensure the best execution times while maintaining a superior level of quality.

Confirming the growth trend of the last years, Estamparia Jocolor Lda. Leads the national market, with 75 employees, a good customer base, excellent price / quality of prints and a healthy competitiveness.

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Textile Stamping

Av. Dr. Mário Soares Nº 71
4770-260 - Labruge
Joane - Vila Nova de Famalicão
Telefone: (+351) 252 921 028
Fax: (+351) 252 921 505


Sublimation Textile

Rua Mato da Senra Nº 92
4770-215 - Joane
Vila Nova de Famalicão
Telefone: (+351) 252 921 528
Fax: (+351) 252 921 505

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