Quality Policy

Quality Policy
The Quality Policy must be reviewed at least once a year and communicated to all employees. The Policy is available to all interested parties, being disclosed through the setting in Placards, training / information and, disseminated online.


The Quality Policy of Estamparia Jocolor, Lda., Is based on the assumption of continuous improvement, having as main focus:

  • Satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the client, meeting the requirements established by him at competitive prices;
  • Excellent quality of service, with commitment and commitment in the continuous improvement of quality management;
  • Stimulation of competitiveness vis-à-vis other companies;
  • Manage and improve social and environmental performance and implement measures to protect people, the environment and businesses;
  • Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


✓ Mission
The Jocolor Stamping Company provides part-stamping services and undertakes, in the long term, to its customers and, in a stable way, to:

  • Ensure Quality;
  • Provide a differentiated offer;

In front of its employees and with a view to its professionalism, the Company strives to:

  • In providing complementary services and activities;
  • In the improvement of the common objective;
  • In the management of client – company – employee relations.


✓ Vision
Estamparia Jocolor intends to put itself at the forefront of the companies of stamping the piece, being a reference company in its area of activity, differentiated in quality / commitment.


✓ Values
• Guidance to the client and our collaborator;
• Responsibility and trust;
• Team work;
• Fighting for individual, group and company goals;
• Respect and appreciation of the individual;
• Opening to innovation and change;
• Integration in the social environment.



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